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Estimating the impact of new vaccine introduction in Chad, Guinea, Somalia, and South Sudan

Pneumonia and diarrhea, as leading infectious causes of childhood mortality, demand immediate attention on a global scale. With an estimated 1.3 million annual deaths among children under five years old, these diseases continue to pose a significant threat to child health. This threat is particularly pronounced in countries grappling with multifaceted challenges, including high child mortality rates, disease outbreaks, geopolitical instability, and climate-related disasters.

In this comprehensive brief, led by the Global Advocacy for PCV (GAP) project, we delve into the compelling case for introducing the pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV) and the rotavirus vaccine in Chad, Guinea, Somalia, and South Sudan. Our analysis, facilitated by the Lives Saved Tool (LiST), illuminates the potential impact of these vaccines on saving children’s lives and mitigating the suffering caused by pneumonia and diarrhea. These findings serve as a call for action, advocating for the incorporation of PCV and rotavirus vaccines into the national immunization schedules of these countries.

By quantifying the life-saving potential and projecting the reduction of disease burdens, we provide a strong foundation for informed decision-making and advocacy efforts. The data presented herein represents the tangible hope of a healthier future for the most vulnerable children. Together, we can transform these projections into realities, safeguarding the well-being of countless children and advancing global public health.

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