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New IA2030 Country Profiles to Track Immunization Achievements


IVAC and partners have launched a series of Immunization Agenda 2030 (IA2030) Country Profiles for 36 low- and middle-income countries in an effort to celebrate immunization achievements, foster commitment and mobilize resources, guide operational planning, and ensure accountability. These profiles provide country-level measurement of approximately two dozen indicators included in the IA2030 Scorecard, a publicly available interactive tool that enables stakeholders to monitor the status of each indicator in the IA2030 Framework for Action. The scorecard is a collaborative effort coordinated by USAID MOMENTUM Country and Global Leadership, in partnership with representatives from the IA2030 Communication & Advocacy Working Group and Monitoring & Evaluation Working Group, including specialists from the WHO, CDC, UNICEF, IVAC, and UN Foundation.

The IA2030 Country Briefs were developed through consultation with country-level technical officers, with extensive feedback provided on design and use cases. They are packaged as PDFs to ensure accessibility and available in both French and English. Data and visualization styles in the IA2030 Country Profiles are adapted from the IA2030 Scorecard – see below for examples. 

Maps showing where measles elimination was achieved in 4 countries in the WHO region
Bar chart displaying the number of of zero-dose children decreasing by 168,000 in Brazine between 2019 and 2022


Bar graphs displaying vaccine coverage for DTP3 that was lower in Ethiopia than in the African Region
Bar graphs showing the breadth of protection was 84 percent in 2022 for India compared to 79 percent for the South-East Asia Region