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IVAC and partners launch statement to raise awareness about single-dose HPV vaccination


In December 2022, the World Health Organization endorsed a single-dose schedule for HPV vaccination for the primary target age group (9-14 years-old). Since then, additional data continue to build the evidence base in support of its use. 

As global leaders gather at the World Health Assembly to assess progress and chart priorities, IVAC has joined other global partners in signing onto a statement to raise awareness about the potential impact of a single-dose HPV vaccine schedule. As the world rallies to recover from disruptions to immunization coverage due to COVID-19 and other global crises, WHO’s endorsement represents a critical opportunity reach more girls and protect more women against cervical cancer.  

IVAC collaborates with several global partners across multiple projects to strengthen HPV vaccination efforts. Active projects with an HPV focus or HPV component include:  

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