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Our faculty are world-renowned experts, and trusted advisers to our students, public health leaders, and the public.

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Floyd Bryant
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Randy Bryant, PhD, studied mechanistic enzymology and now trains future scientists and public health leaders in the classroom, teaching biochemistry, and mentoring students.

Jessie Buckley
Associate Professor
Environmental Health and Engineering

Jessie Buckley, PhD, MPH, studies early life environmental chemical exposures to inform policies targeted at improving children’s health.

Thomas Burke
Health Policy and Management

Tom Burke, PhD, MPH, applies the risk sciences to assess the impacts of environmental pollution and advance policies to protect our health.

Gilbert Burnham
International Health

Gilbert Burnham, MD, PhD, MSc, is a physician who addesses humanitarian health problems in populations affected by natural disasters or conflicts.

Lori Burrell
Senior Research Associate
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
Brian Caffo

Brian Caffo, PhD, MS, is a biostatistician who studies big, complex data in the neurosciences.

Danfeng Cai
Assistant Professor
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Emma Camacho
Research Associate
W. Harry Feinstone Department of Molecular Microbiology and Immunology

Emma Camacho, PhD, explores strategies to modify melanin production in organisms that may pose a threat to human health.

Laura Camarata

Laura Camarata, MPH ’13, oversees the Department of Epidemiology’s academic programs, and works with faculty, fellows, students, and staff to ensure quality and efficiency.