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Our faculty are world-renowned experts, and trusted advisers to our students, public health leaders, and the public.

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Allison Barlow
Senior Scientist
International Health

Allison Barlow, PhD, MPH ’97, MA, works with Native American communities to co-create strengths-based programs promoting health and education equity and well-being.

Daniel Barnett
Associate Professor
Environmental Health and Engineering

Daniel Barnett, MD, MPH '01, studies emergency preparedness, response, and recovery to identify approaches for optimizing population health in emergencies and disasters.

Eric Bass

Eric B Bass, MD, MPH, is a practicing general internist working to improve health care across the breadth of medical conditions encountered in adult medical practice.

Judith Bass
Mental Health

Judith Bass, PhD '04, MPH, MIA, is an implementation science researcher, with a broad background in sociology, economic development studies, and psychiatric epidemiology.

Stan Becker
Population, Family and Reproductive Health
S. Wilson Beckham
Assistant Scientist
Health, Behavior and Society

Will Beckham, PhD '13, MPH, MA, researches treatment and prevention of HIV/AIDS, with a focus on LGBTQ health, particularly that of transgender and gender diverse people.

Suzanne Bell
Assistant Professor
Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Suzanne Bell, PhD ’18, MPH, studies patterns of contraceptive use and abortion, particularly in the context of population-based surveys.