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Assistant Scientist
Bolanle Olapeju

Departmental Affiliations

Center & Institute Affiliations

Contact Info

111 Market Place

Research Interests

Health communication; Behavior change theories; Malaria; Perinatal health; Adolescent health; Family planning; Service utilization; Quantitative methods; Capacity strengthening
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Olabisi Onabanjo University
Bolanle Olapeju (she/her) is an internationally trained physician, certified maternal and child health professional with over ten years of experience in domestic and international public health research and evaluation across multiple health areas including malaria, infectious and non-communicable diseases, nutrition, family planning as well as maternal and child health. She currently works at the Center for the Communication Programs where she employs innovative research, monitoring and evaluation approaches to improve optimize health and livelihood outcomes across several countries including Uganda, Malawi, Ethiopia, Liberia, Guinea, Senegal, and Guyana.
Select Publications
Select publications from the last three years:
  • Olapeju, B., Adams, C., Hunter, G., Wilson, S., Simpson, J., Mitchum, L., ... & Storey, D. (2020). Malaria prevention and care seeking among gold miners in Guyana. Plos one, 15(12), e0244454.
  • Olapeju, B., Ahmed, S., Hong, X., Wang, G., Summers, A., Cheng, T. L., ... & Wang, X. (2020). Maternal Hypertensive Disorders in Pregnancy and Postpartum Plasma B Vitamin and Homocysteine Profiles in a High-Risk Multiethnic US, Population. Journal of Women's Health, 29(12), 1520-1529.
  • Olapeju, B., Saifuddin, A., Wang, G., Ji, Y., Hong, X., Raghavan, R., ... & Wang, X. (2019). Maternal postpartum plasma folate status and preterm birth in a high-risk US population. Public health nutrition, 22(7), 1281-1291.
  • Olapeju, B., Choiriyyah, I., Bertram, K., Piccinini, D., Harig, H., Selby, R. A., ... & Koenker, H. (2019). Who buys nets? Factors associated with ownership and use of purchased mosquito nets in sub-Saharan Africa. Malaria journal, 18(1), 1-10.
  • Olapeju, B., Choiriyyah, I., Lynch, M., Acosta, A., Blaufuss, S., Filemyr, E., ... & Koenker, H. (2018). Age and gender trends in insecticide-treated net use in sub-Saharan Africa: a multi-country analysis. Malaria journal, 17(1), 1-12.
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