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Associate Professor
Emily Agree

Departmental Affiliations

Krieger School of Arts and Sciences

Center & Institute Affiliations

Contact Info

3400 N. Charles Street, 530 Mergenthaler Hall

Research Interests

Population, Aging, Demography, Long-Term Care, Disability, Family and Household, Intergenerational Relations.

Experiences & Accomplishments
Georgetown University
Duke University
Honors & Awards

PROFESSIONAL AWARDS AND HONORS: Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America; Board of Directors, Population Association of America

EDUCATIONAL AWARDS AND HONORS: National Institute on Aging Post-Doctoral Fellow in Demography of Aging (1993-1995) National Institute on Aging Pre-Doctoral Fellow in Demography of Aging (1989-1993) Foreign Language and Area Studies Fellow, U.S. Dept. of Education (1991) Special Fellowship for the study of Portuguese Language

Select Publications
  • Agree EM and ME Hughes.  (forthcoming) “Demography of Families in Later Life” in the Handbook on Families and  Aging, (Blieszner and Bedford, eds)

  • Engelman M, EM Agree, LA Meoni, MJ Klag. 2010  “Propositional Density and Cognitive Function in Later Life: Findings From the Precursors Study.” Journal of Gerontology: Psychological Sciences, 65(6):706-11.

  • Engelman M, V. Canudas-Romo, and EM Agree.  2010.  “Improvement and Inequality:  The Implications of Mortality Change for Aging Populations” Population and Development Review, 36(3): 511-539

  • Cohen S., S. Ahmed, EM Agree, E. Naumova  2010. Childhood Hib vaccination and pneumonia and influenza burden in US seniors. Vaccine, 28(28):4462-9.

  • Engelman M, EM Agree, KM Yount and D Bishai.  2010. “Parity and Parents’ Health in Later Life: The Gendered Case of Ismailia, Egypt. Population Studies, 64(2):165-78

The Online Health Literacy of Older Adults
National Health and Aging Trends Study (NHATS)
National Health and Aging Trends Study
Labor Supply, Childbearing, and Women’s Welfare in Old Age: The Consequences of Reproductive and Work History for Mid- and Later-Life Health Among Women in Egypt, Lebanon, and Iran