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Keilah Jacques

Departmental Affiliations

Keilah A. Jacques, MSW, combines work in social justice, community engagement, pedagogy, and practice to advance anti-oppression and anti-racism in health education and interventions.

Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room W1600

Research Interests

Social Justice; Anti-Racism; Critical Race Scholarship; Civic Identity Formation; Equity Focuses Program Design; Program Evaluation; Systems Change Management; Policy Development; Strategic Planning; Community Engagement; Service-Learning; Instructional Design; Program Management
Experiences & Accomplishments
University of Connecticut
University of North Texas
Keilah Jacques (she/her) is social justice pedagogic advocate and anti-oppression systems designer. She works with comminutes, hospital systems, and institutions of education to advance critical consciousness development around racism and health. Keilah facilitates personal and professional development, strategic planning, systems change management, political advocacy, and community conversations that advance anti-racist focuses capacity building. She believed servant leadership supports the reengineering of social norms and generates the moral resilience needed to identify and action shared values. She draws from theoretical pedagogies and frameworks such as critical pedagogies’, anti-oppressive frameworks, transformative education, liberation theology, structural competence, social innovation, moral resilience, collective impact, participatory appraisal, and human-centered design. Keilah has accomplished an award-winning course design advisor. Though she works across multiple disciplines, she specializes in social justice, anti-oppression, curriculum, and pedagogy over five years, and was recognized with the Delta Omega in Innovation Public Health Curricular Award, at the 2019 American Public Health Association National Conference.
Honors & Awards
2020-Present Delta Omega, Alpha, Honors Society Faculty Inductee 2019-2020 Delta Omega Award for Innovative Public Health Curriculum: Power Privilege, and Public Health Methods, American Public Health Association, Philadelphia, Pennsylvanian 2007-2008 Rotary Ambassadorial Scholarship, Oxford, England 2008-2008 Connecticut Center for Eliminating Disparities Among Latinos, University of Connecticut at Hartford 2005-2005 Joyce Ann Brown/Popo Gonzalez Scholarship, the University of North Texas at Denton 2002-2006 Ronald E. McNair Scholar, the University of North Texas at Denton
Select Publications
Most Recent Publications
  • Gresh, A., LaFave, S., Thamilselvan, V., Batchelder, A., Mermer, J., Jacques, K.,& Warren, N. (2021). Service-learning in public health nursing education: How COVID?19 accelerated community?academic partnership. Public Health Nursing, 38(2), 248-257.
  • Baptiste, D. L., Commodore?Mensah, Y., Alexander, K. A., Jacques, K., Wilson, P. R., Akomah, J., & Cooper, L. A. (2020). COVID?19: Shedding light on racial and health inequities in the USA.
  • Baptiste, Diana?Lyn, Nia A. Josiah, Kamila A. Alexander, Yvonne Commodore?Mensah, Patty R. Wilson, Keilah Jacques, and Debra Jackson. "Racial discrimination in health care: An “us” problem." (2020): 4415-4417.
  • Lacy, C., Jacques, K., & Pennathur, K. (2021). Resilience Factors That Help Mitigate Systemic Risk Factors Among African American Youth.
School-based Intervention to Interrupt Conflict Before It Becomes Violent
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