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Ju Nyeong

Associate Scientist

Departmental Affiliations

Ju Nyeong Park, PhD '18 MHS '13, is an epidemiologist who conducts research on substance use, overdose, and infectious diseases.

Contact Info

624 N. Broadway, Hampton House 186

Research Interests

fentanyl; opioid; overdose; addiction; substance use; drug use; trauma; HIV; epidemiology; community-based research; longitudinal data analysis; confirmatory factor analysis; time location sampling
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
University of Sydney
Dr. Ju Nyeong Park (she/her) is an epidemiologist who conducts research on substance use, drug overdose, and infectious diseases. Dr. Park has expertise in the design and implementation of community-based epidemiological studies, survey development, data management and data analysis. Dr. Park currently leads two projects: She is Co-PI of a statewide evaluation of Maryland's overdose response; and PI of the Optimizing PrEP Among Women and their Long-Term Partners (OPAL) Study. Dr. Park also collaborates on several studies that examine substance use, trauma, and drug treatment. Previously she worked on HIV and HCV projects in the US, Australia and Cameroon among key populations. Dr. Park has provided technical assistance to a variety of health agencies, including the Baltimore City Health Department, Maryland Department of Health and the Maryland Opioid Operational Command Center.
Honors & Awards
2019 NIDA Women & Sex/Gender Differences Junior Investigator Travel Award 2016 Charlotte Silverman Award, Department of Epidemiology, JHBSPH 2013 Conference Travel Award, International AIDS Society, Geneva, Switzerland 2013 Conference Travel Award, Center for Global Health, Johns Hopkins University 2013 Community Service Award, Johns Hopkins Student Outreach Resource Center
Select Publications
Selected publications
  • Park JN, Rouhani S, Beletsky L, Vincent L, Saloner B, Sherman SG. Situating the Continuum of Overdose Risk in the Social Determinants of Health: A New Conceptual Framework. Milbank Quarterly. 2020; 98(3):700-746. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 32808709.
  • Park JN, Rashidi, E, Foti K, Zoorob M, Sherman SG, Alexander GC. Fentanyl and Fentanyl Analogs in the U.S., Illicit Stimulant Supply: Results from National Drug Seizure Data, 2011-2016. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, Nov 23;218:108416. [Epub ahead of print]
  • Green TC, Park, JN, Gilbert M, McKenzie M, Struth E, Lucas R, Clarke W, Sherman SG. An assessment of the limits of detection, sensitivity and specificity of three devices for public health-based drug checking of fentanyl in street-acquired samples. International Journal of Drug Policy. 2020; 77:102661. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 31951925.
  • Park JN, Tomko C, Silberzahn BE, Haney K, Marshall BDL, Sherman SG. A fentanyl test strip intervention to reduce overdose risk among female sex workers who use drugs in Baltimore: Results from a pilot study. Addict Behaviors. 2020; 110:106529. [Epub ahead of print]. PMID: 32683172.
  • Park JN, Footer KHA, Decker MR, Tomko C, Allen ST, Galai N, Sherman SG. Interpersonal and structural factors associated with receptive syringe sharing among a prospective cohort of female sex workers who inject drugs. Addiction. 2019; 114(7):1204-1213. PMID: 30694587.
Fentanyl Overdose Reduction Checking Analysis Study (FORECAST)
OPAL Study
Maryland Overdose Data Collaborative