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Assistant Scientist
Jiawei Bai

Departmental Affiliations


Contact Info

615 N. Wolfe Street, Room E3136
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Sichuan University
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
My main area of expertise is in the design of experiment, data collection, and analysis for studies of objectively measured physical activity. My major research projects include i) quantifying the association of types of physical activity in daily life with health outcomes in observational studies and clinical trials, ii) quantifying the effect of health factors on circadian rhythms in a population of older individuals, iii) quantifying the effect of physical activity on the growth of babies and iv) assessing the recovery from injury and/or surgery.
Select Publications
Selected work
  • J. Bai, Y. Sun, J. A. Schrack, C. M. Crainiceanu and M.-C. Wang. A two-stage model for wearable device data, Biometrics 2018 Jun; 74(2): 744-752.
  • J. Bai, C. Di, L. Xiao, K. R. Evenson, A. Z. LaCroix, C. M. Crainiceanu and D. M. Buchner. An Activity Index for raw accelerometry data and its comparison with other activity metrics, PLoS ONE, 2016; 11(8): e0160644.
  • B. He, J. Bai, V. Zipunnikov, A. Koster, P. Caserotti, B. Lange-Maia, N. W. Glynn, T. B. Harris and C. M. Crainiceanu. Predicting human movement with multiple accelerometers using Movelets, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, 2014 Sep; Volume 46 (9): 1859-1866.
  • J. Bai, B. He, H. Shou, V. Zipunnikov, T. A. Glass, C. M. Crainiceanu. Normalization and extraction of interpretable metrics from raw accelerometry data, Biostatistics, 2014 Jan; Volume 15 (1): 102-116.
  • J. Bai, J. Goldsmith, B. Caffo, T. A. Glass, C. M. Crainiceanu. Movelets: A dictionary of movement, Electronic Journal of Statistics, 2012; Volume 6: 559-578.