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Ronald Gray

Departmental Affiliations

Infectious Disease Epidemiology
Global Disease Epidemiology and Control

Center & Institute Affiliations

Contact Info

627 N. Washington Street, 2nd Floor

Research Interests

HIV, circumcision, STIs, Uganda

Experiences & Accomplishments
London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine
University of Sydney

Reproductive health including HIV and STD control, determinants of HIV/STD risk. Cohort studies, randomized controlled trials. Maternal and child health, family planning, cervical cancer screening, reproductive epidemiology

Honors & Awards

Commonwealth Medical Scholarship, 1960-1965 Government of Israel Volunteer Medal, 1967 Commonwealth Post Graduate Fellowship, 1970-1971 JHU SHPH Golden Apple Award for Teaching, 1985 Robertson Professorship, 2002. Advising, Mentoring & Teaching Recognition Award, 2008. Ngaly Mann award 2009

Select Publications
  • Chang LW, Kagaayi J, Nakigozi G, Serwadda D, Quinn TC, Gray RH, Bollinger RC, Reynolds SJ, Holtgrave D. AIDS Care: Psychological and Socio-medical Aspects of AIDS/HIV. 2012 Sep; doi: 10.1080/09540121.2012.722600.

  • Makumbi F, Gray RH, Walusimbi M, Serwadda D, Lutalo T, Sekasanvu J, Nakigozi G, Nalugoda F. Incidence of Orphanhood efore and sfter implementation of a HIV care programme in Rakai, Uganda: Alpha Network HIV Supplement. 2012 [Epub ahead of print]

  • Redd AD, Collinson-Streng AN, Chatziandreou N, Mullis CE, Laeyendecker O, Martens C, Ricklefs S, Kiwanuka N, Nyein PH, Lutalo T, Gabrowsku MK, Kong X, Manucci J, Sewankambo N, Wawer MJ, Gray RH, Porcella SF, Fauci AS, Sagar M, Serwadda D, Quinn TC. Previously transmitted HIV-1 strains are preferentially selected during subsequent sexual transmission. J Infect Dis. 2012 May; doi: 10.1093/infdis/jos503.

  • Reynolds SJ, Laeyendecker O, Nakigozi G, Gallant JE, Huang W, Hudelson SE, Quinn TC, Newell K, Serwadda D, Gray RH, Wawer MJ, Eshleman SH. Antiretroviral Drug     Susceptibility Among HIV-Infected Adults Failing Antiretroviral Therapy in Rakai, Uganda. AIDS Res Hum Retroviruses. 2012 Apr 26. [Epub ahead of print]

  • Tobian AR, Kigozi G, Gravitt PE, Xiao C, Serwadda D, Eaton EP, Kong X, Wawer MJ, Nalugoda F, Quinn TC, Gray RH. Human papillomavirus incidence and clearance among HIV-positive and HIV-negative men in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS. 2012 March 23; doi: 10.1097/QAD.0b013e328353b83c

International Training And Research In Population And Health
Male Circumcision Trial For Hiv Prevention, Rakai, Uganda (through the Rakai Health Services Program)
Association of Malaria and HIV-1 RNA in Blood of Adults in Rakai, Uganda
Community Opinion Leader Trial Rakai-Uganda (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)
ARV effects on HIV epidemiology & behaviors, Rakai Uganda (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)
Reducing Global Inequities in Burden of Disease
Viral and immunologic factors contributing to the lack of HIV transmission among couples (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)
SOLiD- Uganda
Chronic kidney disease related to HIV in Uganda
NIH/Johns Hopkins Bench to Bedside Project: Hepatitis B and HIV Co-Infection
Evaluation of a pilot cluster-randomized mobile phone intervention used by peer educators in a rural antiretroviral care program in Rakai, Uganda (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)
Natural history of chronic kidney disease in HIV-infected and HIV-seronegative individuals in Rakai, Uganda
Rakai Health Sciences Program
Circumcision: HIV/STIs and behaviors in a RCT and post-RCT surveillance; Rakai Community Cohort Study
Host Genetic Epidemiology in HIV-1 Discordant African Couples and Other Cohorts
Effects of Male Circumcision (MC) in the Community, with Nested Clinical Research
Laboratory support for Rakai Program research activities (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)
Effect of Peer Health Workers and a Mobile Phone Support Intervention on AIDS Care in Rakai, Uganda
Enhanced Provision of Male Circumcision for HIV Prevention, Rakai Uganda
HIV incidence, transmission dynamics & combination HIV prevention
The Johns Hopkins Fogarty AIDS International Training & Research Program (AITRP)
A Randomized, controlled trial of Acyclovir prophylaxis versus placebo among HIV/HSV-2 co-infected individuals (through the Rakai Health Sciences Program)