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Senior Research Associate
Allison Ingalls

Departmental Affiliations

Social and Behavioral Interventions

Center & Institute Affiliations

Allison Ingalls, MPH, coordinates Native American behavioral/mental health research initiatives in partnership with urban and rural tribal communities across the U.S. 

Contact Info

415 N. Washington Street, Room 439

Research Interests

Indigenous; American Indian/Alaska Native; early childhood; maternal and child health; early childhood obesity; behavioral health; mental health; home visiting; precision; precision prevention science; precision home visiting; dissemination science; implementation science; implementation research; health education; curriculum development; curriculum adaptation; behavior change interventions; community-based participatory research; community health workers; evidence-based intervention; health disparities
Experiences & Accomplishments
Emory University
Rochester Institute of Technology
My research interests focus on the social, behavioral, and economic determinants of health, specifically as they relate to adolescent and maternal and child health and the implementation and dissemination efforts of evidence-based programs aimed at addressing these issues. I joined the Center for American Indian Health in 2012 as a Research Associate and, in my current role as a Senior Research Associate, coordinate several behavioral and mental health studies in partnership with urban and rural tribal communities.
Select Publications
Most recent publications
  • Ingalls, A., Barlow, A., Kushman, E., Leonard, A., Martin, L., Precision Family Spirit Study Team, West, A., Neault, N., & Haroz, E.E. (2021). Precision Family Spirit – A pilot randomized implementation trial of a precision home visiting approach with Native American families in Michigan: Trial rationale and study protocol. Pilot and Feasibility Studies, 7(8).
  • Rosenstock, S., Ingalls, A., Foy Cuddy, R., Neault, N., Littlepage, S., Cohoe, L., Nelson, L., Shephard-Yazzie, K., Yazzie, S., Alikhani, A., Reid, R., Kenney, A., & Barlow, A. (2021). Effect of a home-visiting intervention to reduce early childhood obesity among Native American children: A randomized clinical trial. JAMA Pediatrics, 175(2), 133-142.
  • Haroz, E.E., Ingalls, A., Wadlin, J., Kee, C., Begay, M., Neault, N., & Barlow, A. (2020). Utilizing broad-based partnerships to design a precision approach to implementing evidence-based home visiting. Journal of Community Psychology, 1-14.
  • Haroz, E.E., Ingalls, A., Kee, C., Goklish, N., Neault, N., Begay, M., & Barlow, A. (2019). Informing?precision home-visiting:?Identifying meaningful subgroups of families?who?benefit?most from?Family Spirit. Prevention Science, 20, 1244-1254.
  • Ingalls, A., Rosenstock, S., Foy Cuddy, R., Neault, N., Yessilth, S., Goklish, N., Nelson, N., Reid, R., & Barlow, A. (2019). Family Spirit Nurture?(FSN) – A randomized controlled trial to?prevent early childhood obesity in American Indian populations:?Trial?rationale?and study protocol. BMC Obesity, 6:18.