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Assistant Scientist
Rachel Chambers

Departmental Affiliations

Social and Behavioral Interventions

Contact Info

415 N. Washington Street, Room 455

Research Interests

Adolescent; American Indian/Alaska Native; behavior change; community-based participatory research; cultural strengths; diabetes prevention and management; evidence-based intervention; formative research; family; HIV/AIDS; Health promotion; implementation science; indigenous populations; middle childhood; mixed methods; obesity prevention; parent-child communication; parent self-efficacy ; risk and protective factors; sexual and reproductive health; sexually transmitted infection; substance use; teen pregnancy; youth
Experiences & Accomplishments
Boston University
Tulane University
Tilburg University
I am a behavioral health scientist with training in needs assessments, intervention development and evaluation. I joined Johns Hopkins C in 2011 and currently co-direct all reproductive/sexual health focused studies at the Center for American Indian Health. These studies primarily focus on teen pregnancy prevention and STI/HIV prevention including access to STI self-administered screening and HIV self-administered testing.

I am specifically interested in identifying how to leverage and engage families in youth focused programming and developing evidence to illustrate the utility and impact of including family members in youth programming. Currently, I am leading the evaluation of a teen pregnancy prevention and substance use prevention program for young girls and their female caregivers- the strength-based program focuses on parent-child relationship and youth positive identity development.
Honors & Awards
CFAR Implementation Science Research Fellowship (2021)
Select Publications
My publications
  • Chambers R, Rosenstock S, Walls M, Kenney A, Begay M, Jackson K, et al. Engaging Native American Caregivers in Youth-Focused Diabetes Prevention and Management. Prev Chronic Dis 2018;15:170521. DOI:
  • Chambers, R., Tingey, L., Mullany, B., Parker, S., Lee, A., & Barlow, A. (2016). Exploring sexual risk taking among American Indian adolescents through protection motivation theory. AIDS Care, 28(9), 1089-1096. doi:10.1080/09540121.2016.1164289
  • Chambers, R. A., Rosenstock, S., Neault, N., Kenney, A., Richards, J., Begay, K., Blackwater, T., Laluk, O., Duggan, C., Reid, R., & Barlow, A. (2015). A home-visiting diabetes prevention and management program for American Indian youth: The together on diabetes trial. The Diabetes Educator, 41(6), 729-747. doi:10.1177/0145721715608953
  • Chambers, R, Littlepage, S, Rompalo, A., Lee, A, Slimp, A, Melgar, L, Craig, M, Gaydos, C & Tingey, L, (2020). “Predictors of Sexually Transmitted Infection Positivity Among Substance Using Native American Adults”
  • Chambers, R, Rosenstock, S, Lee, A, Goklish, N, Larzelere, F, Tingey, L. “Exploring the Role of Sex and Sexual Experience in Predicting American Indian Adolescent Condom Use Intention Using Protection Motivation Theory” Frontiers in public health vol. 6 318. 12 Nov. 2018, doi:10.3389/fpubh.2018.00318