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Associate Professor
Annette Erlangsen

Departmental Affiliations


Contact Info

624 Broadway, Hampton House, Room 193
+1 410 614 7469

Research Interests

Suicide, suicidal behavior, medical record linkage, epidemiology,

Experiences & Accomplishments

Evidence-based research to better understand and prevent suicidal behavior. I am particularly interested in establishing priorities for which areas future research and prevention should be directed.


Areas of research:

 - Suicide in older adults

 - Impact by suicide bereavement or exposure to suicidal behaviour

 - Assessment of treatment for people at risk of suicide,

 - Restriction of means for suicide

 - The financial recession and its impact on suicidal behavior

 - Register-based research on mental health and suicidal behavior

Honors & Awards

The Alexander Gralnick Award. American Association for Suicididology (2014).

Nordentoft Award.Danish Association for Education and Prevention of Suicide (2014).

Mens Health Award by the Danish National Board of Health (2006).

Young Researcher Lecture Award at the 9th European Symposium on Suicide and Suicidal Behaviour (2002).

Blue Ribbon Award Winner at the Population Association of America's annual meeting (2002, 2003, 2005)

Select Publications

Selected recent publications:

  • ERLANGSEN A, LIND BD, STUART EA, QIN P, STENAGER E, LARSEN KJ, WANG AG, HVID M, NIELSEN AC, PEDERSEN CM, WINSLØV JH, LANGHOFF C, MÜHLMANN C, NORDENTOFT M. (2015) Short and long term effects of psychosocial therapy provided to persons after deliberate self-harm: a register-based, nationwide multicentre study using propensity score matching. Lancet Psychiatry 2, 49-58.

  • Pitman A, Osborn D, King M, Erlangsen A. (2014) Effects of suicide bereavement on mental health and suicide risk. Lancet Psychiatry 1, 86-94.

  • Nielsen, S.F.; Hjorthoj, C.R.; Erlangsen, A.; Nordentoft, M. (2011) Psychiatric disorders and mortality among people in homeless shelters in Denmark: a nationwide register-based cohort study. Lancet 377; 2205-2214.

  • Erlangsen, A.; Eaton, W.W.; Mortensen, P.B.; Conwell, Y. (2012) Schizophrenia - a predictor of suicide during the second half of life? Schizophrenia Research 134; 111-117.

  • Bolton JM, Au W, Leslie WD, Martens PJ, Enns MW, Roos LL, Katz LY, Wilcox HC, Erlangsen A, Chateau D, Wald R, Spiwak R, Seguin M, Shear K, Sareen J. (2013) Parents Bereaved by Offspring Suicide: A Population-Based Longitudinal Case-Control Study. JAMA Psychiatry 70; 158-167.