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Associate Professor
Kerry Green

Departmental Affiliations

Contact Info

University of Maryland, College of Public Health, 255 Campus Drive, Room 2375
College Park

Research Interests

  • Woodlawn Study
  • health disparities
  • gender differences
  • adolescent drug and alcohol use
  • substance use disorders
  • drugs and crime
  • urban health
Experiences & Accomplishments
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
University of Maryland, College Park

My primary research interest is in understanding the developmental pathways that lead to adverse outcomes among urban African Americans. By utilizing a life course perspective, my emphasis is on the tasks required for successful transition between the developmental stages from childhood to adulthood.

My current program of research has three primary areas:

(1) understanding the natural history of substance use among urban African Americans;

(2) elucidating the association of drug use and delinquent/criminal behavior over the life course; and

(3) investigating the consequences of substance use and crime on role functioning, health, and families.

An additional focus of all of my work is on understanding differences for men in women in these areas, and the prevention implications of my research.

Much of my research has utilized data from the Chicago-based Woodlawn Study, a prospective, longitudinal study of drug use and crime that has followed urban African Americans from age 6 to age 42. I have also been working extensively with the Prevention Intervention Research Center sample, a Baltimore-based intervention program that has followed individuals from first grade to adulthood.

Honors & Awards

1993-1995 Dean’s List, College of William and Mary

1994 Member, Psi Chi, National Honor Society in Psychology

1995 Graduated Cum Laude, College of William and Mary

1998 Member, Kappa Delta Pi, National Honor Society in Education

2000-2004 Department of Health Policy and Management Academic Scholarship

2001 Honors on Departmental Comprehensive Exam

2004 Member, Delta Omega, National Honor Society in Public Health


Editorial Activity

2005, 2006 Ad-Hoc Reviewer, Society for Prevention Research

2005-2006 Ad-Hoc Reviewer, Journal of Marriage and the Family 2006-present Editorial Board, Journal of Marriage and the Family

Select Publications
  • Crum, R.M., Green, K.M., Storr, C.L., Chan, Y.F., Ialongo, N., Stuart, E.A., & Anthony, J.C. (in press). Depressed mood and alcohol involvement: Assessing associations from childhood through young adulthood. Archives of General Psychiatry.

  • Crum, R. M., Juon, H.S., Green, K.M., Robertson, J., Fothergill, K., & Ensminger, M. (2006). Educational achievement and early school behavior as predictors of alcohol use disorders: 35-year follow-up of the Woodlawn Study. Journal of Alcohol Studies, 67, 75-85.

  • Doherty, E.E., Green, K.M., & Ensminger, M. (2008). Investigating the long-term influence of adolescent delinquency on drug use initiation. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 93, 72-84.

  • Doherty, E.E., Green, K.M. Reisinger, H.S. & Ensminger, M.E. (in press). Long-term patterns of drug use among an urban African American cohort: The influence of gender and family. Journal of Urban Health.

  • Ensminger, M.E., Juon, H.S., & Green, K.M. (2007). Consistency between adolescent reports and adult retrospective reports of adolescent marijuana use: explanations of inconsistent reporting among an African American population. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 89, 13-23. Fothergill, K.E., Ensminger, M.E., Green, K. M., Crum, R.M., Robertson, J.A. Juon, H.S. (2008). The impact of early school behavior and educational achievement on adult drug use disorders: A prospective study. Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 92, 191- 199.