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Spotlight Series: The Environmental Focus of Tobacco Control

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The lifecycle of tobacco products has a strong impact on the environment. Pesticides are used when growing tobacco, chemicals and plastics are used when tobacco products are manufactured, distribution throughout the global market requires fossil fuels, and once products are used, microplastics, chemicals, and e-cigarette batteries make their way to open water and land, polluting waterways, local environments, and animal habitats.

Knowing that not only are tobacco products harmful to individual and public health but also the environment, how can communities advocate for stronger local tobacco control regulations that allow them to ensure there is access to hazardous waste sites for disposal of e-cigarettes and legislation to protect local ecosystems? Join Thomas Novotny, MD, MPH '92 and Ryan Kennedy, PhD for a facilitated discussion around the history of tobacco control, where we are now, and where Novotny and Kennedy want to see the field move in the future. 

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