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Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health

Child Health

Child health

The rapid and dramatic development of health that occurs during childhood drives the passion and purpose of faculty and students in the child health area of interest. Grounded in a life course framework, our multi-disciplinary faculty is passionate about promoting the early and lifelong health and well-being of children from infancy to adolescence.

We seek to advance the scientific basis, public health determinants, programmatic strategies and policy considerations that influence and promote child health. We employ biological, developmental, ecological and behavioral approaches to illuminate the interacting influences of family, community, school, environment, policy and systems factors on child health. Our work embraces the education and training of students in preparation for a career in research, practice and leadership. Our faculty are committed to preparing the next generation of leaders for careers in research, practice and leadership.

Our overarching objective is to develop, disseminate and translate evidence, methods and strategies to optimize early health to maximize resilience and lifelong health, reduce disparities, and mitigate the occurrence and consequences of adverse experiences for children.