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Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health


  • Terrinieka Powell, PhD, MA – Lead Adolescent Health Area of Interest
    Associate Professor: community-engaged research; implementation science; adolescent sexual and reproductive health; substance use prevention
  • Robert Blum, MD, PhD, MPH
    Professor: resilience, early adolescence and acquisition of gender norms
  • Anne Burke, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor: family planning
  • Farah Qureshi, ScD, MHS
    Assistant Professor: Social epidemiology, cardiovascular epidemiology, mental health, life course, positive youth development
  • Dylan Jackson, PhD, MS
    Assistant Professor: child health; adolescent health; crime; violence; criminal legal system; justice-involved families; incarceration; policing; adverse childhood experiences; trauma-informed policy; mental health; social support; prevention science; life course; health equity
  • Sara Johnson, PhD
    Associate Professor: adolescent developmental neurobiology
  • Arik V. Marcell, MD, MPH
    Associate Professor: adolescent male sexual, reproductive health and access to care
  • Beth Marshall, DrPH, MPH
    Assistant Scientist: school health, schools as health contexts, adolescent development, program evaluation
  • Tamar Mendelson, PhD, MA
    Professor: mental health; opportunity youth; school-based prevention programs; mindfulness and yoga; mental health during pregnancy and post-partum
  • Kristin Mmari, DrPH, MS
    Associate Professor: program evaluation, risk and protective factors and cross-national urban health issues, opportunity youth
  • Caroline Moreau, MD, PhD, MPH
    Associate Professor: abortion and gender norms
  • Courtland Robinson, PhD
    Associate Professor: sexual and reproductive health needs and risks of very young adolescents (10-14) in humanitarian contexts, unaccompanied and separated children in emergencies
  • Maria Trent, MD, MPH
    Professor: adolescent sexual and reproductive health