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Center for Gun Violence Solutions

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We can make gun violence rare and abnormal with your support.

Gun violence claims more than 100 lives every day in America. Hundreds more are shot and injured each day, and the effects of gun violence reach almost every American.

Illustration of people holding back gun trigger.

We do not have to accept this tragic level of daily gun violence. Life-saving solutions exist. We can make gun violence rare and abnormal with your support. 

Donations to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions provide us with vital support to combine the power of expert gun violence research with the impact of strategic advocacy. Your contribution will help turn public health research into action that reduces gun-related deaths and injuries. 

Investments from donors like you will help the Center identify and advocate for policies and programs that will make our communities safer, such as:

  • Handgun purchaser licensing:  Our research shows that if additional states implemented this policy we could see reductions in both gun-related homicides and suicides of up to 30 percent in those locations, potentially saving thousands of lives per year.
  • Laws to remove firearms from those at risk of harm to self or others.
  • Research has shown many examples of successful community violence intervention programs reducing shootings. Investments to enhance and expand programs will save lives.
  • New approaches to curb political violence and address the misuse of personally manufactured firearms, commonly referred to as ghost guns.

Together we can save lives! 

To make a gift online, please use our secure online giving form.

Make a Gift

If you would prefer to contribute by mail, please make your check payable to “Johns Hopkins University Center for Gun Violence Solutions” and mail to:

Johns Hopkins University and Medicine
Attn: Center for Gun Violence Solutions
P.O. Box 49142
Baltimore, MD 21297-9142

Thank you for considering a gift to the Johns Hopkins Center for Gun Violence Solutions. If you are interested in learning about other ways to contribute, such as making gifts of appreciated securities, mutual funds, and retirement assets or leaving a legacy for the future by making a gift through a will or trust, please contact Sarah Rhyins, director of development, at

However you choose to make your gift, we greatly appreciate your generous support to prevent gun violence.

Thank you!