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Department of Health Policy and Management

Message from the Chair

Colleen Barry, Fred and Julie Soper Professor and Chair

Colleen Barry, PhD

Greetings and thank you for your interest in the Department of Health Policy and Management (HPM) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health.

If you are just beginning to learn about our Department, I invite you to explore our website, to familiarize yourself with our graduate degree programs and to meet our extraordinary faculty.

Since our founding as the Department of Public Health Administration in 1921, HPM has been dedicated to advancing the public's health through the development, implementation, and evaluation of effective health and social policies and through the promotion of sound public health management and leadership.

HPM offers a wide range of educational programs, including masters training in Health Administration, Health Policy and Health Economics and Outcomes Research. We also offer full-time PhD training in Bioethics and Health Policy, Health Economics and Policy, Health Services Research and Policy and Health and Public Policy. The Department actively participates in the part-time, School-wide DrPH program specialized training in Health Care Management and Leadership, Public Health Informatics, and Quality Safety and Patient Outcomes. Our department also offers excellent post-doctoral fellowship, certificate, and continuing education opportunities. If you are interested in pursuing training at Johns Hopkins, I hope you will take a close look at these programs.

Our Department is home to over 16 research Centers and Institutes focused on a range of public health issues in critical areas including injury prevention, public health law, population health information technology, mental health and addiction policy, bioethics, health disparities, health services research and many others.

We host the Hopkins HPM Distinguished Policy Scholar program – a unique initiative bringing national leaders who have served in the White House, in the U.S. Congress or as governors to our campus to work closely with our students and faculty on pressing public health issues. Our Department has established the Hopkins-UPF Public Policy Center, a joint collaboration with the Universitat Popeu-Fabra in Barcelona, Spain. We are currently collaborating with Tsinghua University, a top ranked academic institution in China, on delivering doctoral training to a rising generation of public health professionals. These are just a handful of the exciting initiatives of our large, diverse faculty in HPM are engaged with.

In addition, our faculty and graduate students in HPM are deeply involved in many Schoolwide efforts such as the new Bloomberg American Health Initiative, established through a $300 million gift from Bloomberg Philanthropies. Our proximity to Washington D.C. and Annapolis, Maryland facilitates the active engagement of our students and faculty in the policymaking process. Additionally, we are dedicated to improving health in our community through numerous public health practice and internship activities in the City of Baltimore.

I hope I have given you a sense of the numerous opportunities to become involved with HPM at the Bloomberg School. Please do not hesitate to reach out with additional questions or ideas.

In closing, I want to extend my gratitude to those who have supported and continue to support our Department. It would not be possible for us to advance the mission of HPM at Johns Hopkins without the tremendous commitment of time and energy, financial support and dedication of all of you – thank you!


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Colleen L. Barry, PhD, MPP
Fred and Julie Soper Professor and Chair