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A cross-divisional department spanning

The COVET Study

The COVET Study Research Team

Principal Investigator

Meghan F. Davis, DVM, PhD, MPH


Study Coordinator

  • Kathryn Dalton, VMD, MPH (primary)
  • Kayla Meza, MPH
  • Kaitlin Waite, DVM MPH
  • Sharmaine Miller, PhD
  • Erin Beasley, DVM MPH
  • Cody Swilley, DVM
  • Kimberly Guyer, DVM
  • Meghan Brino
  • Paige Laughlin
  • Justin Edwards
  • Francesca Schiaffino Salazar, PhD DVM
  • Cusi Ferradas Carrillo, DVM MPH