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Community Outreach and Engagement

Giving Local, Thriving Local

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Thank you for your interest in Day at the Market program at Johns Hopkins. You have indicated that you want to engage more with our program and the community of East Baltimore and the City.

We encourage you to go to visit our Community Outreach and Engagement website to view recent activities of Day at the Market. We are addressing public health and healthy community needs for the times we live in. In ordinary times our usual activities have been face-to-face but today interventions have been appropriately more distanced. In ordinary times, we would welcome volunteers. Nevertheless, there is work to do and the program has adapted.

We are addressing the community needs to protect themselves from COVID-19, with distribution of COVID-19 related information and supplies. One new activity is accepting donations for furthering the impact of the Day at the Market program. Here’s how to do that. You may write a check to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health External Affairs and direct its use to Day at the Market. Mail it to:

Johns Hopkins, Bloomberg School of Public Health
External Affairs, E2132
Attention: Yolanda Tillett
615 North Wolfe Street
Baltimore, MD 21205

Our emphasis for today’s gifts is the purchase of personal protective equipment, including hand soap, hand sanitizer and masks. These will be usually distributed in East Baltimore amongst community members.

Should you have questions about the program, contact Barbara Bates-Hopkins ( or Norma Kanarek (