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Community Outreach and Engagement

Day at the Market


Due to the COVID19 pandemic, Day At The Market activities are cancelled until further notice.

Day At The Market

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The Day at the Market is a multifaceted program of outreach and engagement sponsored by the Johns Hopkins East Baltimore campus

The Northeast Market is where Johns Hopkins meets the community and is an important venue where Johns Hopkins can bridge-the-disconnect regarding the lack of access to resources and information. Our hope is that the individuals we interact with will receive pertinent educational materials, answers to questions from experts, and services or resources that will help them make positive behavioral changes for health.

Our Johns Hopkins faculty, staff, students, and researchers participate in Market Day and use this program as a learning tool for being a better partner with the community, as a dissemination vehicle to return what they have learned to the community, and as a means to deepen interactions with community partners and community members. Moreover, faculty, staff, students, and researchers in serving the community realize that this is a venue where they too may be educated by the community who will benefit from their work.

In 2018, we expanded our Day at the Market Program to the Lexington Market and formed a partnership with the University of Maryland Medical Center, Community Health Improvement, (UMMC). This partnership collaborates to bring health, nutrition, and exercise resources to the Lexington Market. JHU and UMMC share common goals of creating healthier communities by being the bridge to dismantle barriers that keep our neighborhoods from being healthy. This collaboration will purpose to align with and support the public markets vision to strategically addressing food and nutrition issues in diverse ways for an increasingly diverse population. In support of the public markets’ mission statement to strengthen connections to communities, this partnership will also raise awareness to national health observances of the month, the prevention of heart disease, obesity, cancer, unemployment, and substance abuse to empower and build healthy communities in both East and West Baltimore. By bringing these anchor institutions together, we will be able to offer more resources and outreach to more residents, and include market merchants, market employees and market customers.

The Day at the Market is hosted at the Northeast Market at 2101 E Monument Street, Baltimore, MD 21205 on the 2nd and last Wednesday of each month from 10 am to 2 pm. Additional Market Days, centered usually on one topic, occur the 1st Tuesday of each month from Noon to 1:30 pm; and Saturdays from 12 Noon to 2 pm.

The Day at the Market program hosted at the Lexington Market is paused during the Transform Lexington project.

Each month we focus on two or more national health observances.