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Undergraduate Advising

Undergraduate Advising Week

Advising Week Logistics

Mandatory advising meetings take place during Advising Week, always the week prior to Spring and Fall registration periods, in order to choose classes for the upcoming semester. Please contact your faculty adviser to schedule a meeting during advising week. How to prepare for your advising meetings:

  1. Schedule a meeting with your adviser during advising week.
  2. Fill out a checkout sheet with the courses you have already taken and the courses that you hope to take in the upcoming semester. (Note: In order to graduate, you must have one of these on record for each semester that you are a student in EHE.)
  3. Meet with your adviser to 1) confirm your courses and 2) obtain a signature on your checkout sheet.
  4. After receiving your signatures, bring/email your checkout sheet to the Academic Program Administrator (Ames 313). You can also email it to the Department.
  5. Juniors must fill out a Junior Checkout sheet which is a list (signed by your adviser) of all courses you intend to take to graduate. If you change courses then you must submit a new, up-to-date, signed checkout sheet to the Department.

Best Practices During Advising Week:

  • Contact your adviser prior to advising week– don’t wait until advising week begins!
  • Plan your schedule using the advising manual and list of courses for the semester. Please don’t expect your adviser to plan your schedule for you. We are here to approve your courses, but you must come to the meeting prepared.
  • Have a list of specific questions.
  • Remember to turn in your checkout sheet to the department (Ames 313) before advising week ends.
  • Have additional advising questions? Email the Academic Program Administrator.