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Undergraduate Advising

Suggested Courses for Undergraduates

The following are courses recommended by the Whiting School for undergraduates interested in Environmental Health and Engineering. These courses are located at the Bloomberg School of Public Health in East Baltimore. To enroll, please contact Adena Rojas via email or at 410-516-5533.

PH.180.609 Principles of Environmental Health I
PH.317.600 Introduction to the Risk Sciences and Public Policy
PH.185.621 Methods in the Exposure Sciences
PH.182.615 Airborne Particles
PH.180.629 Environmental and Occupational Health Law and Policy
PH.182.623 Occupational Safety and Health Management
PH.188.694 Health of Vulnerable Worker Populations
PH.182.638 Environmental and Health Concerns in Water Use and Reuse
PH.182.626 Issues for Water and Sanitation in Tropical Environmental Health
PH.182.640 Food- and Water-Borne Diseases
PH.180.651 Energy, Environment and Public Health
PH.180.611 The Global Environment, Climate Change and Public Health