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Music Classes at Peabody and Homewood and the Distribution Requirement

There is often confusion on the part of students and faculty about which Peabody courses may be counted towards the H/S distribution requirement. There are a limited number, please view the Area Designators for Peabody Courses document. The list is also available in the E-catalog under Distribution Requirements. On a student’s transcript, these courses will appear as and the “H” designator will NOT appear, even for those courses that are approved on the attached list.

In contrast, there are also music courses taught at the Homewood campus in the School of Arts & Sciences. They will appear on a student’s transcript as These courses, if approved for the distribution requirement, will appear with the “H” designator as shown below:

AS.MUSI.376.250 Introduction to Computer Music H

The courses that seem to cause the most confusion are Music Theory courses. Please keep in mind that these courses, whether taught at Peabody or in Arts & Sciences, are NOT approved for use towards the Humanities distribution requirement.