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Undergraduate Advising

Forms and Information

Checkout Sheets

Below are the “checkout sheets” of the degree requirements. The Junior Year checkout sheet should be submitted during Spring advising week of your Junior Year and should include all courses that you plan to take for the remainder of your time at Hopkins. If you want to make changes to the courses listed on the Junior checkout sheet, a new Junior Checkout sheet must be approved and submitted.

Course Exception Waiver Form

Use the Course Exception Waiver Form anytime that you are taking and counting a class outside of the usual requirements for the degree. These substitutions must be preapproved by your academic adviser and may also need the Department’s and/or the Whiting School’s approval.

You and your adviser must complete and sign the form, deliver it to Jessica Elroy, Academic Program Administrator, who will review and sign off on it.

Credit Transfer Forms

Please notice there are different forms for students who entered JHU Fall 2014 and those who entered prior to Fall 2014. This is because there are slightly different transfer credit policies for these two groups:

EHE Research and Independent Study