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Eligibility and Membership

Faculty and Alumni Nomination Form

We are looking to elect gifted public health researchers and practitioners to the Alpha Chapter of the Delta Omega Honorary Public Health Society who have and will continue to contribute to the future of public health research and practice.

Your nominations will help shape the future of the Alpha Chapter while honoring your peers and colleagues who have distinguished themselves in public health research and practice.

Alumni and faculty nominations to the Delta Omega Alpha Chapter are assessed on an ongoing basis. Please note that any nominations submitted after the end of March will be considered for next year's nominating cycle.

Instructions for Nomination Letter 

The selection committee takes letters of support very seriously in making recommendations for electing members to Delta Omega. A candid statement concerning the nominee would be appreciated. Please be sure to comment on the following:

  • How long you have known the nominee and in what capacity
  • What you consider to be the nominee's talents and special characteristics
  • Extracurricular public health activities (aside from coursework or job responsibilities)
  • Contributions as a public health researcher/practitioner
  • Contributions as a leader in public health
Nominator Information

Nominee Information

Please include the degree earned from JHSPH or the highest degree earned from another institution. If the nominee has earned multiple degrees from JHSPH, please use the first (oldest) degree if this is important to the nominee’s eligibility. Faculty and alumni must have a degree that is five years old or more to be eligible for nomination.

Faculty and alumni must have a degree that is five years old or more to be eligible for nomination.
Departmental Affiliation