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The Delta Omega Public Health Honorary Society, Alpha Chapter

2022 Delta Omega Alpha Inductees

Congratulations, inductees!

The Alpha Chapter of the Delta Omega Honorary Society in Public Health connects Johns Hopkins public health students, alumni, and faculty to recognize and develop leadership that advances and sustains the public's health. It is our pleasure to welcome 129 new inductees from the class of 2022. 

If you are a member of this year's inductees and don't see your name here, it is because you opted to not have your information listed. If you have changed your mind, please email and let us know you would like your name added to the website. 

Adeoluwa Ayoola

Ade will finish medical school at Stanford University School of Medicine. She is applying into internal medicine with plans to pursue in a career dedicated to addressing health disparities and improving access to primary care, both locally and globally.

Aishwarya Javali

Aishwarya Javali is currently working on research with CDC’s Environmental Public Health Tracking Network to look at the association of heat stress illnesses with social determinants of health. She is passionate about fieldwork in global environmental healthcare and hopes to create positive impacts for the lives at stake by working firsthand with decision makers. 

Akash Malhotra

Akash's current research focuses on infectious diseases modelling and health economics at the Johns Hopkins SPH Department of Epidemiology. 

Aki Suzuki

Aki is a veterinarian who aims to bring a one health lens to health policies and systems to build the environment that infectious diseased don't occur.

Allyson Horstman

Allyson Horstman will continue engaging in health advocacy and policy development with the aim of providing everyone with access to affordable health care coverage in the United States. She is continuing this work at United States of Care in the Policy & External Affairs Team.

Amelia Hulbert

Amelia Hulbert works for Boulder County Public Health in Boulder, CO where she aims to improve access to healthy foods and beverages for households with limited incomes. She works collaboratively to identify community needs and implement upstream solutions to improve food and beverage environments, increase access to fresh and locally grown produce, and address complex barriers to health. 

Anita Apau

Anita is a recent MPH graduate who concentrated in infectious diseases. She plans to undertake a research project on West Nile Virus disease to understand why the disease is still endemic in the United States. With her previous experience as the Case Management Lead at a United Nations (UN) COVID-19 facility, Anita also plans to work with international organizations to specifically address the global burden of Malaria, HIV/AIDS and Tuberculosis.

Anmol Patted

Anmol plans to further her academic career as a post-doctoral fellow in global women’s health before continuing her clinical training to be an Obstetrician and Gynecologist. She seeks to advance reproductive healthcare and justice in low-and-middle-income countries by building a strong network of comprehensive sexual and reproductive health centers that provide cutting-edge care, bridge the clinical research gap, and train future healthcare leaders. 

Annaka Scheeres

Annaka Scheeres is a Senior Research & Data Associate at the Philadelphia Department of Public Health, where she manages and analyzes vital events data. She develops public-facing reports and dashboards on key population health trends in Philadelphia.

Antonella Sturniolo

Antonella Sturniolo (MPH '22) is currently running a medical device startup and developing a non-hormonal and non-copper intrauterine device (IUD). The Upsilon IUD is based on an IUD invented by her grandfather, an Ob/Gyn, and used globally by thousands of women until his death in 1982.

Ashley Hickson

Dr. Ashley Hickson currently serves as the Senior Health Equity Advisor at the Center for Science in the Public Interest. She plans to continue to work towards advancing a more equitable and just society. 

Beatrice Marseille

Beatrice is a nurse practitioner. The project Beatrice is currently working on involves older adults who experience health inequities, lack of insurance, and other social determinants of health care.

Berenice Cheng

Berenice currently works as a dentist and faculty member at The University of Melbourne. Upon completing her MPH degree, she hopes to further the cause of dentistry in global health.

Bige Ozkan

Bige is a graduating Master of Science student investigating how adipokines might explain the differential risk associations with heart failure across obesity phenotypes. She is an aspiring academic cardiologist who wants to reduce the cardiovascular disease burden in the population by conducting rigorous epidemiological research and mentoring future physicians and researchers.

Carlos Acosta

Carlos Acosta (Charlie) is a physician from Latin America and has lead several youth organizations in international advocacy spaces including the United Nations. After their graduation, they will focus on healthcare management and health services research. 

Caroline Doherty

Caroline will be moving to Washington, DC in the fall and working as a Public Health Strategy, Policy, and Operations Expert at Booz Allen Hamilton. She hopes to help craft national health policy that will address the concerns of rural communities in America one day.

Claudia Fernandez Perez

Claudia is graduating from BSPH in Spring 2022. She has been a SOURCE Scholar working with Hopkins Community Connection in projects that aim to give patients a voice and autonomy over their own health and health care, which she plans to continue being involved in. She is also conducting research exploring out-of-pocket costs in neurosurgery patients in Uganda with Duke Global Neurosurgery and Neurology, and she is a research assistant with the International Vaccine Access Center (IVAC). She plans to attend medical school and become a physician involved in improving both availability and accessibility to health care on a global scale. 

Daniel Willie-Permor

Daniel Willie-Permor is a physician and public health professional with special interests in cardiovascular disease epidemiology, digital health and surgical outcomes research. He hopes to pursue a career as a Physician-Scientist , Entrepreneur and Health Leader/Manager.

Donna Tran

Donna Tran is a MD/MPH student at Michigan State University College Human Medicine and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health respectively, National President of the Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association APAMSA, and Health Policy Intern for the US Senate HELP Health Committee. She is interested in public mental health/psychiatry, primary care, minority and women health issues, and leadership development and plans to pursue a career in academia and public service as a physician leader. 

Dustin Jaynes

Dustin Jaynes is the Infection Control Officer and Chief Epidemiologist for Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Upon retirement, Dustin desires to focus his public health expertise towards providing humanitarian and epidemiological assistance in areas where people are suffering from epidemics or other public health catastrophes.

Edwin Kumah

Edwin is currently studying cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas in organ transplant patients. His goal is to become a physician-scientist to advance health equity at the intersections of public health, science and medicine.

Elizabeth Hourani

Elizabeth looks forward to continuing her career in global health program management and seeks to lead programs in the future.

Geeta Pardeshi

Geeta is a faculty in the Deptartment of Community Medicine at a medical school in India. She envisages to continue pursuing her passion for teaching and research.

Haley Thomas

Following the completion of her MSPH (2020-2022), Haley Thomas will continue her studies at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as a PhD student in the Department of Population, Family and Reproductive Health. 

Halimah Ouedraogo

Halimah graduates with the class of 2022 where she will receive her Master of Applied Science in Global Health Planning and Management. She aspires to purse her PhD in Mental Health with a focus on aging, dementia, and caregiving.

Hannah Posluszny

After graduation, Hannah plans to spend a few years working as a Registered Dietitian before going back to school to pursue a doctoral degree in Public Health Nutrition. Hannah is interested in the fetal origins of chronic disease, namely, how nutritional insults in early life play a role in health long-term.

Harry Munroe

Harry Munroe will be continuing his job as Healthcare Strategy Leader at IBM where he helps healthcare organizations solve crucial business challenges. He will also continue his research at Hopkins focusing on SDoH collection at health systems.

Harry Newman-Plotnick

Harry will be returning to the Yale School of Medicine to complete the final year of his MD degree. After graduating in 2023 he plans to pursue residency training in plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Hayley McMahon

Hayley McMahon is graduating with an MSPH from the Department of Health, Behavior and Society at BSPH. She is also an incoming doctoral student in Behavioral, Social, and Health Education Sciences at Emory University's Rollins School of Public Health, where she will continue to pursue research that explores the structural determinants of abortion access in the U.S. 

Hussam Eldin Shwaib

At Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Dr. Shwaib's research activity focused on developing artificial intelligence (AI) based surgical medical devices that he created based on the principles of patient safety and healthcare quality improvement. In the future, he plans to continue developing similar AI-based safety and quality improvement solutions in the United States and to improve the quality of healthcare in his home country.

Ian Choi

Ian’s research primarily entails investigating the mechanisms of pulmonary pathophysiology in relation to the exposure to environmental toxicants at the molecular level with spectrometry approaches. Ian also identified the Adverse Outcome Pathway of the COVID-19 virus as part of a consortium with EURL ECVAM and applied her toxicologic understanding in exposure assessment and risk assessment of nanomaterials as part of K-REACH.

Indira Prihartono

Indira (MPH'22) is a physician, public health practitioner, and researcher from Indonesia with interests in maternal and child health, quality of care, and health systems. She aspires to continue her career in the intersection of research and practice to improve maternal and child health outcomes and reduce maternal and child mortality and morbidity in low-and-middle-income countries.

Ishita Srivastava

Ishita is passionate about achieving equitable access to inclusive, trauma-informed healthcare. Her research focus is gender-based violence prevention and after graduating the MSPH program, she will be attending medical school in Fall 2022.

Janice Miller

Janice Miller has spent her career focused on working to end intimate partner and sexual violence. She is particularly interested in reducing violence and the health consequences associated with housing instability associated with intimate partner and sexual violence.

Joel Baumgart

Until recently, Joel had always been working as a scientist or in policy; his experiences at NIH and as a Fulbrighter in Tanzania inspired him to pursue an MPH, which he hopes will help him enter the public health realm in order to can work closely with his wife, a physician. Joel would love to work at the intersections of environmental and global health, either at the CDC or the Task Force for Global Health in Atlanta. 

Joshua Kolawole

Joshua Kolawole is a Quality Improvement Consultant and Senior Healthcare Project Manager with extensive experience in health systems, strengthening, and Transformation. Joshua's future plan is to work on quality improvement plans for home healthcare to close the space between licensure and accreditation. 

Jowanna Malone

Jowanna is currently a Scientist at Exponent, Inc., a science and engineering consulting firm, applying her expertise as an infectious disease and social epidemiologist. She plans to continue to publish work in social epidemiology at the intersection of chronic and infectious disease.

Juliet Morales

Juliet Morales graduates with an MSPH in International Health (concentration in global disease epidemiology and control) and two graduate certificates in public health preparedness and vaccine science and policy. She has conducted research in vaccine clinical trials and infectious disease epidemiology (particularly respiratory diseases and HIV in Zambia) and hopes to continue in this field after graduation.

Karn Wijarnpreecha

Karn Wijarnpreecha is currently a transplant hepatology fellow at the University of Michigan and will start as a transplant hepatologist at the University of Arizona-Phoenix in July 2022. Karn is passionate about the epidemiology and natural history of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) research and wants to improve clinical outcomes and addresses complex barriers to healthcare among patients with NAFLD.

Kazuma Onishi

Kazuma Onishi will work on research about obstetric complications and ultrasound examination after graduation. Kazuma wants to contribute to the improvement of maternal and women’s health.

Kelly Anderson

Dr. Anderson has joined the faculty at the University of Colorado Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences as an Assistant Professor. Her research focuses on the financing and delivery of care in the Medicare program. 

Khushbu Balsara

Khushbu is an oral surgeon from India with interests in transforming healthcare and creating lasting global impact with an aim to provide improved and equitable preventive and surgical care across international health systems by strengthening research and developing programs.

Kyle Rice

Kyle Rice is currently working for a startup company in Biotech/Pharmaceutical industry. He hopes to work and seek further education opportunities in the Biotech and Clinical Research.

Larry Warner

Larry Warner is the chief impact and equity officer of United Way of Rhode Island, where he oversees the organization's grant making, policy and advocacy work, research and data analytics team, 211 call center, senior and disability services team, and internal work to advance racial equity. Dr. Warner recently completed his DrPH degree with a concentration in Health Equity and Social Justice, and plans to advance health equity on a regional and national level through his research and professional roles. 

Lauren Bernard

Lauren Bernard has worked on multiple epidemiology research projects focused on the association between metabolites and kidney outcomes. She has enjoyed gaining experience in many aspects of the research process at Hopkins, and she hopes to become a physician at an academic teaching hospital in the future.

Laurie O'Neill

Laurie is passionate about food, nutrition and health in developing countries. 

Lisa Weltzien

Lisa is a veterinarian, MPH candidate, and graduate research assistant working for the Center for a Livable Future. After graduation, she will advocate for livestock, wildlife, and aquaculture production systems that are humane for animals, safe for people, and environmentally conscious while working overseas.

Lucy Kwe Manasseh

Lucy is passionate about health in the humanitarian sector. She is currently doing research on antimicrobial resistance among forcefully displaced populations and mental and physical health of children associated with armed forces and armed groups (CAAFAGs).

Luis Correia

Luis earned a MPH at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, and earned a Health Science PhD at Federal University of Bahia. As a clinical cardiologist, professor of medicine, researcher, and health technology advisor for the public health system in Brazil, Luis is interested in real-world effectiveness research, cardiovascular epidemiology, causal inference, pharmacoepidemiology, health economics evaluation and value-based medicine.

Maiko Nagaoka

Maiko currently work as an assistant Professor and researches the association between mental illness and socio-physical factors. Maiko's future plan is to build the best daily schedule to keep away from develop mental illnesses especially in children.

Maria Stetson

Maria has a professional background in infectious disease clinical trials, pandemic response, and zoonotic disease risk communication. She looks forward to a career as an emerging humanitarian health professional and intends to focus on infectious disease outbreaks and disease control programs in crisis settings.

Mariquita Irene Belen

Mariquita is interested in Global Health Education Curriculum development for family medicine residents and community-based multisectoral program development in LMICs.

Marisabel Linares Bolsegui

Marisabel Linares Bolsegui is a Medical Doctor and MPH Graduate currently doing research in healthcare outcomes in vascular surgery and interested in Interventional Radiology. Marisabel plans to apply to Residency next year. 

Marissa Silverberg

Marissa Silverberg's research focuses on regional food systems within the United States, particularly in terms of organizational governance and policy. She aims to continue working toward national and global food system transformation, including through her continued work with the Bloomberg American Health Initiative as an inaugural Obesity and the Food System Steering Committee member. 

Marta Karas

Marta is a postdoctoral researcher at the Onnela Lab in the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health. She is working on methods for digital phenotyping and its applications.

Mary Catherine Rush

Mary Catherine is a recent MSPH graduate of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. She plans on gaining more experience in the fields of research and teaching, and she is devoted to making a difference in her community.

Matthew Ippolito

Matthew has joined the School of Medicine faculty where he continues to conduct research into malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, the focus of his doctoral work.

Maud Nauta

Maud's aim is to support primary care colleagues throughout the world to embed human factors science in their health systems, as part of overall safety policy for both patients and staff. Maud will continue to collaborate with other disciplines, for integration of human factors in health policy and education, such as for safe maternity care.

Megha Mathur

Megha is graduating with a dual degree: an MPH from Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health and a JD from Boston University School of Law with a specialization in Health Law. After graduation, Megha will be joining a law firm in Chicago as an associate attorney in the healthcare department, counseling healthcare clients on regulatory and transactional matters. 

Melinda Kelly

Dr. Kelly is an obstetrician gynecologist with interests in international health and humanitarian health. She will be pursuing a career in the nonprofit sector. Dr. Kelly is the winner of this year's Dr. Timothy Baker Award for International Health Development. 

Nana Adofo-Ansong

Nana is a physician who aspires to combine clinical practice with global health research. Her research focuses on preventable pediatric medical and surgical conditions.

Natalie Armstrong

Concurrently with her Master’s program, Natalie is working with the Seafood Team at Hopkins Center for a Livable Future (CLF) assessing the impacts COVID-19 has had on global fisheries and aquaculture. In the future, she plans to continue working in the food systems sector and pay it forward in the field of environmental health.

Nina Cloven

Nina recently completed her administrative residency at Elation Health during her second year in the MHA program, and will now serve as the organization's first Manager of Primary Care Advancement. She looks forward to the opportunity to find and create innovative solutions in healthcare, as well as continuing her growth as a leader in healthcare. 

Noor Qaragholi

Noor Qaragholi is a Lead Research Analyst in New Orleans, where her work focuses on collaborating with local and state government agencies and community partners to evaluate programs that aim to improve adolescents’ health and educational outcomes and reduce violence and sexual risk behaviors. She will be continuing her education with the DrPH program at the Bloomberg School of Public Health

Prashasti Bhatnagar

Prashasti Bhatnagar is a public health researcher and lawyer—obtaining her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center and M.P.H. from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, as a Sommer Scholar, with a certificate in Health Disparities and Health Inequality. Upon graduation, Prashasti will pursue her Ph.D. in Sociology at Vanderbilt University to investigate the immigration and healthcare systems as creators of health disparities and explore the social conditions required to create systems that promote health and justice. 

Rebecca Ursin

After graduation, Dr. Ursin accepted a post-doctoral position at the Ragon Institute of Immunology at MGH, MIT, and Harvard, where she studies sex differences in antibody responses to vaccines. She hopes to one day unlock the biological basis for these differences and harness them to improve vaccine outcomes between the sexes. Dr. Ursin is the winner of this year's Delta Omega Lifetime Membership Award. 

Ria Golecha

Ria Golecha joined a biopharma consulting firm in San Francisco, California right after her MPH from Johns Hopkins in 2022 and is working on commercial launch strategies of vaccines, drugs and therapeutics. She runs a non-profit in health communications which uses muppetry as a medium of behavior change in India. Ria has entrepreneurial plans for her future in the healthcare-tech domain.

Ruoxi Yu

Ruoxi Yu (MPH '22, MD'23) is a public health student and medical student at Johns Hopkins University with a research interest in the health of birthing individuals, specifically around the equity and ethics of fertility services. In her role as a future obstetrician-gynecologist, Ruoxi hopes to serve as an ally, advocate, educator and multidisciplinary researcher to improve the health conditions of birthing individuals within our communities. 

Sandra Banks

Dr. Banks' work focuses on healthcare in humanitarian emergencies and infectious disease outbreaks. She is currently looking at leveraging health crises for health systems' reform, strengthening, and development in low-and middle-income countries and to enhance service delivery for vulnerable and marginalized population sub-groups.

Saud Almulihi

Saud is a management consultant and physician who pursued the pathway of public health to learn the fundamentals of combining individualistic medicine, and the meaningful challenge of treating populations. His future aspirations revolve around social entrepreneurship, and how to transform innovative, and effective public health interventions to vulnerable populations in the Middle East, and around the globe. 

Seychelles Zack

Seychelles’ next step in her career plan is to pursue an advanced degree in Bioethics to add to her knowledge base. Combining that with what she has learned from the amazing faculty at Johns Hopkins, she hopes to achieve her ultimate career goal of obtaining a position that focuses on patient advocacy and/or patient and healthcare worker safety in either a hospital system or a regulatory setting.

Shahbaz Khan

Shahbaz is planning on attending medical school where he hopes to one day become an oncologist. As a physician, he hopes to leverage his knowledge in public health to influence healthcare policy for the underserved.

Simmona Coelho

Simmona currently works with the Hopkins Department of Epidemiology and Center for Global Health, researching HIV PrEP media in South Africa and maternal and child health promotion in Brazil; this research will be presented at AIDS 2022 and Hopkins Global Health Day. Following graduation from the MSPH program, she plans on pursuing a career in healthcare consulting and continuing on with qualitative research. 

Soumita Bose

In February 2022, Soumita began working as a Research Analyst at the Urban Institute's Center on Labor, Human Services, and Population. She applies both qualitative and quantitative research methods to projects focused on early childhood and child welfare policy.

Tarfa Verinumbe

A physician by training, Tarfa devoted most of his career providing HIV prevention, care, and treatment services to People Living with HIV through PEPFAR-funded HIV Epidemic Control Projects in Nigeria. He intends to transition to the field of HIV Implementation Science to assist countries in sub-Saharan Africa end the HIV epidemic. 

Teresa Sidransky

Teresa Sidransky has worked in the field of Patient Safety and Healthcare Quality for the past 16 years and is currently a Network Deputy Patient Safety Officer for the Department of Veteran Affairs. She aspires to continue public health work and is considering pursuing a DrPH. 

Tuo-Yen Tseng

Tuo-Yen Tseng is joining faculty in the Department of Health, Behavior and Society at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health as an Assistant Scientist. She will be working with the Institute for Global Tobacco Control and the Center for Communication Programs.

Tyger Hanback

Tyger is a Graduate Research Assistant in the Caterina Lab looking at the underlying mechanisms of pain. He plans to matriculate into an MD/PhD program in the Fall of 2023. 

Umaima Tahir Banda

Umaima intends to combine her passion for clinical laboratory practice and advancing women's and children's health in minority and marginalized communities through public health practice and advocacy. Her long term goal is to enroll in a doctoral (DrPH) program and continue her work as a public health professional.

Varun Kapur

Varun Kapur is a general surgeon. He will be starting a trauma/surgical critical care fellowship at Duke University in August 2022. His career interest is in developing trauma systems and injury prevention in resource limited countries.

Vyom Sawhney

After completing the MPH program at BSPH, Vyom will complete their M.D. at New York University Grossman School of Medicine and intends on pursuing a residency in Urology. Vyom is currently interested in the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer, specifically prostate cancer screening and biopsy techniques at the population level. 

Wallace Chambers

Wallace is the Deputy Director of Environmental Public Health at the Cuyahoga County Board of Health (Ohio). In addition, Wallace serves on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC) Lead Exposure and Prevention Advisory Committee and served on their Blood Lead Reference Value Workgroup. He is also currently serving as a Board of Director for the Health Policy Institute of Ohio.

Wyn Dobbs

After graduating from the school of public health, Wyn will return to the George Washington University to complete his medical degree. He is passionate about health policy, urban planning, and how these affect the social determinants of health.

Xinyu Guo

Xinyu's research interests lie broadly in implementing and developing statistical methods to study scientific questions about genetics and genomics. His research is socially responsible for elevating public health conditions. 

Yoko Inagaki

Yoko Inagaki is a public health practitioner/researcher focusing on task-sharing with community health workers for NCDs management in lower- and middle- income countries.