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Improving Health, Creating Value: Essentials of Transformative Leadership

About This Program

The health care services delivery landscape is rapidly transforming. New competencies are required for clinicians, especially physicians, and senior-level directors, administrators, or managers in order to effectively navigate and succeed under value-based reimbursement models and population-oriented health delivery initiatives.

Improving Health, Creating Value: Essentials of Transformative Leadership (ETL) provides participants with the skills necessary to strategically assess their organizational competencies related to the design of a community-oriented care model using the Collective Impact framework. Through interactive discussions with peers, participants will use case studies to evaluate and consider contemporary approaches to building meaningful collaborations and evaluate new perspectives on leading meaningful and sustainable transformation to create a culture of social responsibility within their organizations. The concept of Meta-Leadership and the value of this approach will also be explored to provide healthcare executives with fresh leadership competencies thus enabling them to build upon the foundation of their healthcare organization’s history and lead them forward as meaningful stewards of health.

Continuing Education


At the conclusion of Improving Health, Creating Value: Essentials of Transformative Leadership (ETL), participants will be able to:

  • Develop new approaches to health care delivery systems based on the principles of value-based performance and a framework of community health improvement.
  • Assess the current organizational capacity for value-based, community-oriented health care delivery and develop action plans related to identified gaps.
  • Re-envision the vision, mission and role of the health system in the context of a Collective Impact framework.
  • Establish a foundation for alignment, mutual accountability, and responsibility for community health following the principles of Meta-Leadership and implementing appropriate measures for value-based, community-oriented health care delivery.
  • Effectively lead transformative change within your organization by developing successful physician partnerships and cultural realignment.

Participation in the program is based on attending four, 2-day sessions over the period of six months. In between these cohort-oriented, on-site sessions, participants are invited to engage in on-line “live-chats” with invited guest speakers who will share real-world, evidence-based examples of transformation.

At the conclusion of the session, participants will receive a Certificate of Professional Development and recognition as an Executive Scholar in Leadership.

Executive Education - Bill Baumgartner

“The breadth and depth of this program is unmatched. This continuing education program is a must for any executive charged with motivating, implementing and leading the change to value-based health care within the organization.”

— Bill Baumgartner, MD
Vice Dean for Clinical Affairs, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
and Senior Vice President for the Office of Johns Hopkins Physicians