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Health, Behavior and Society Summer Institute

Tuition and Fees


2022-2023 Academic Credit Tuition Rate

$1,270 per credit*

2022-2023 Non-Credit Tuition Rate

$635 per credit*

Cost per Credit Unit for Courses Taken for Academic Credit

Tuition for classes taken for credit for the 2022-2023 Academic Year, which begins on May 24, 2022 is tentatively $1,270 per credit. Please see the main Summer Institutes Tuition page for more information about tuition and fees for courses taken for academic credit.

Cost per Credit Unit for Non-Credit Courses in the Health, Behavior and Society Summer Institute

Each Institute manages its own pricing for non-credit courses. For the Health, Behavior and Society Summer Institute, the cost is tentatively $635* per credit unit. Please note that students who take courses not for credit will not receive a grade for the course and will not receive a JHSPH transcript upon completion of the course.

Registrants financed by agencies such as the World Health Organization or the U.S. federal government must submit purchase orders or contract documents with their application. Employees of Johns Hopkins University who wish to use tuition remission should visit the Tuition Remission section of the JHU Benefits site for the appropriate application forms. The Johns Hopkins tuition remission does not cover the cost of books/materials.

Please visit the School's General Institute Tuition Information for Payment Options, and Refund and Cancellation policies.

* The tuition rate is subject to change at the discretion of the School.