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Summer Institutes

Special Considerations for Summer Institute 2021

In the Summer Institutes term of 2021 (May 24-August 27, 2021), due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in the interests of keeping all students, staff, and faculty safe, the Bloomberg School is taking the precaution of offering the vast majority of its Summer Institutes courses in a virtual format. In this manner, students from all over the world can join our world-renowned faculty for our top-ranked courses, without leaving the comforts of their own homes. Rest assured that the online formats of our courses are carefully crafted to offer students the same extraordinarily rich and connected learning experience as our in-person courses provide.

Academic Considerations

Academic Ethics

Taking Exams Online- The School’s academic ethics policies still apply when taking quizzes, exams, or doing homework online.

  • Do not take a quiz or exam while on shared, public WiFi. You are more likely to get disconnected from CoursePlus when using shared, public WiFi.
  • Faculty can track when you leave an exam page or access materials in CoursePlus while taking an exam. This behavior is considered a violation of the School’s academic ethics policies.
  • Students are encouraged to review the JHSPH Academic Ethics Code

Option for Pass/Fail Grades in Summer Institutes Courses

In a temporary departure from the Pass/Fail policy, every student enrolled in a course taken for academic credit during Summer Institute term of Academic Year 2021-2022 will be allowed to take the course as Pass/Fail if they wish to do so. Courses taken Pass/Fail this term will count towards graduation and program requirements (for degrees and certificate programs) as if they were taken under the Letter grade system, assuming that a Pass grade is earned. This policy is consistent with policies of the Council on Education for Public Health. The fee for grade system changes will also be waived for the term.

Many of the existing rules and considerations for electing the Pass/Fail grade system remain in place; please review the Pass/Fail policy and reach out to with any questions regarding the Pass/Fail policy.


Course Formats

During the summer of 2021, while all courses will be offered online, there are three different types of course formats:

  • All-online, asynchronous courses (designated by a .89 suffix in the course number)
  • Synchronous courses
  • Courses that combine both synchronous and asynchronous instruction

The manner in which course information will be conveyed should be clear to you from the course description. If you don't know your course's format, go to the Summer Institutes Course List  page, find your course, and click on it. You will be linked to the School's Course Directory, and the entry for your course should explain the format for instruction. 

All-online, Asynchronous Courses

Please visit our Summer Institutes online course page for more information about these online courses, which are designated by a .89 suffix in the course number

  • Introduction to Online Learning- If you plan to take a fully online course during a Summer Institute, and have not yet completed the Introduction to Online Learning (IOL) requirement, you must register for and complete IOL before the start of your scheduled course. 


Synchronous Courses

Live class sessions normally offered in the classroom will use Zoom. Show up to live sessions just as you would to classes on campus!

Technical Tips for Synchronous Online Class Sessions: 

  • Use a headset microphone when possible. This will make it easier for faculty to hear you clearly. If faculty cannot hear you, you cannot fully participate in the class, and that may affect your participation grade in the class.
  • If you use a built-in microphone, you must be in a quiet place. Built-in microphones pick up all the noise around you.
  • Please have your camera on throughout live sessions. Faculty want and expect to see you in addition to hearing from you.

Courses that Combine Both Synchronous and Asynchronous Instruction

Some courses will combine the use of Zoom for class discussions with the use of Panopto for pre-recorded lectures that may be watched on students' own schedules. Please review the Technical Tips for Synchronous Online Class Sessions section above.


Contact Us!

Please remember that our intention is to offer students in the Summer Institutes 2021 our highest caliber of public health instruction, in formats that are appropriate during this time, when in-person courses are not advisable. If you have questions about your course, please contact either the Instructor, the Teaching Assistant, or the individual listed as the "contact" on the course directory listing for the course. 

If you have questions that are more general, and not specific to a particular course, please contact

We're looking forward to welcoming you (virtually! safely!) to our 2021 Summer Institutes.