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Postdoctoral Programs

Process for Appointing Postdoctoral Fellows

To ensure equity, consistency and proper credentialing, we expect that all departments will adhere to the process outlined below. Student Services is sensitive to the nature of appointing postdoctoral fellows; therefore, the Admissions Office, Student Financial Services and Records and Registration are willing to work with you to expedite processing whenever possible.

Initial Contact

A prospective PDF must submit an application form through the Admissions Office, regardless of whether his or her first contact is directly with department faculty. If a department is contacted first, the department will ask the candidate to complete a PDF application form and submit it to the Admissions Office. No application fee is required for PDFs.


The Admissions Office must receive proof of the doctoral degree (usually an official transcript or a letter from the dean of a school certifying that all requirements for the doctoral degree have been completed satisfactorily) and one letter of reference from an individual with appropriate knowledge of the applicant.

Financial Aid

Following acceptance of applicant by the department, the department prepares a letter of acceptance including details of financial support with copies to the Admissions Office, the Records and Registration Office, Student Accounts and Business Services Office, Student Financial Services Office, department chair, and mentor. (If applicant is not recommended, the Department prepares appropriate letter and copies the Admissions Office.)


The PDF registers in person or online through the Records and Registration Office in the initial term and during each established registration period thereafter. The PDF must maintain continuous registration for each term of research. The charging of tuition to the PDF budget will be handled through the Distributed Graduate Aid system in the Student Financial Services Office, and automatically disbursed onto the postdoctoral fellow's tuition account.

All expenditure processing is handled by the departmental administrative office of the PDF.

A more detailed outline of this process can be found in the PPM for Postdoctoral Fellows and the Postdoctoral Guidebook.