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Our Strategic Priorities

The Power of Education

Professor walking with a group of students


Educate leaders who can advance the public’s health by furthering the excellence of our existing programs and extending our reach beyond the walls of our School.

The Bloomberg School is a leader in graduate-level training in public health.

Our motivated and talented students learn in an environment that prepares them to solve the world’s most complex public health problems and from a faculty whose breadth and depth of knowledge is unparalleled.

Evidence of our excellence in education is strong. The 25,000 alumni of our master's and doctoral programs protect health and save lives across the globe as leaders in ministries of health, non-governmental organizations, universities, industry and beyond. We train students in both scientific discovery and public health practice. We pioneered online education in public health, and today our highly subscribed Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) make public health and data science accessible to people worldwide. Most recently, the Bloomberg American Health Initiative has created a new way to recruit and train professionals who are committed to advancing the public’s health. This initiative partners with organizations within and outside the traditional boundaries of public health such as education, criminal justice, and housing to propel the careers of people with high potential for transforming health in their communities.

Public health challenges are complex and multi-dimensional. Achieving transformative results requires profound knowledge, adaptability and the skills and willingness to collaborate.


David O. Fakunle, PhD ‘18

Postdoctoral fellow - School of Community Health & Policy, Morgan State University
Co-Founder & CEO - Discoverme/Recoverme: Enrichment Through the African Oral Tradition 

Our goal moving forward is to further strengthen the excellence of our educational programs and extend our reach beyond the walls of our School and parameters of our traditional degree programs. This will require a renewed and strategic commitment to flexible teaching and learning strategies that take advantage of digital technologies and new educational modalities to meet the needs of an ever-changing world. Our teaching will emphasize cross-sector collaboration—an acknowledgement that housing, law enforcement, education, the environment and other social and cultural factors deeply influence the public’s health. It will also leverage the size, diversity and excellence of our student body by inspiring peer learning and professional development.

We will continue to produce the world’s leading public health professionals while investing in the education of future scientists who will advance the foundations of the disciplines most important to public health.


To prepare the next generation of researchers and professionals who will further the public’s health, we will:

  • Evolve our research-focused education to better prepare our graduates for interdisciplinary, team-based scientific discovery and implementation.

  • Enrich our practice-focused education by ensuring students have the knowledge and skills to work across sectors and tackle multifaceted global public health challenges.
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  • Extend the reach and accessibility of our education by investing in flexible teaching and learning strategies that take advantage of digital technologies and new educational modalities.
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  • Ensure a broad and inclusive community of learners by addressing the affordability of our education.
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2019-2023 Strategic Plan Cover


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