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The Power of Science

Transform our research ecosystem

Implementation Progress

Transform our research ecosystem to propel major discoveries that depend on inter-disciplinary collaborations and innovative approaches to tackling the world’s most pressing public health problems.


To solve the most pressing public health problems of our time, we aim to transform our research ecosystem, facilitating the kind of discovery that requires innovative, interdisciplinary teams We are implementing strategies to connect interests and share ideas across disciplines and departments within the School, spanning basic research through translation and practice. We are investing in the infrastructure needed to support this collaboration, including facilitating access to core facilities and developing strategies to incentivize working across departments and schools. We will improve access to leading-edge health data and continue to strengthen our computing and data storage facilities. We seek new sources of support for sponsored projects, including corporate philanthropy and venture capital investments. At the same time, we continue to develop and deploy proactive mechanisms to engage communities and policymakers in defining the most pressing research problems and facilitating translation of our research into actionable programs and policies.


  • Working with the Provost’s office to develop and implement recommendations for addressing barriers to hiring technically qualified staff, in addition to addressing challenges in School-wide hiring practices
  • Evaluating resources of the Office of Research to meet expanding requirements related to regulatory compliance


  • Developed a Slack workspace designed to facilitate collaboration across disciplines
  • Redefined the position of Vice Dean for Research and recruited a new Vice Dean (effective January 2020)
  • Established a work group tasked with addressing barriers to hiring and retaining technically qualified research staff
  • Streamlined purchasing procedures, resulting in improvements in timeliness of acquiring materials needed for program implementation
  • Established work group tasked with addressing roadblocks to obtaining and managing leading-edge health data, with a particular focus on the development of School-level policies and computational assistance for working with sensitive and personally identifiable information