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The Power of Science

Promote translation of discovery into real-world, scalable solutions

Implementation Progress

Promote the translation of discovery and scholarship into real-world and scalable solutions that achieve the combined aims of equitable access, social impact and responsible commercial opportunity.


Beyond conducting research, we are committed to the promotion of our discovery and scholarship into real-world, scalable solutions that achieve the combined aims of equitable access, social impact, and responsible commercial opportunity. Our goal is to partner with other divisions of the University to foster innovative socially oriented and responsible business models that take public health solutions to scale, reaching the populations most in need. We want to leverage the tremendous experience and expertise of our School’s Health Advisory Board and Johns Hopkins Technology Ventures to help us identify and responsibly commercialize the discoveries and innovation resulting from our research through effective industry partnerships. We aim to establish business models that provide avenues for strategic consultancies between our faculty and industry, government, and nongovernmental organizations. We also aim to encourage norms of open science by supporting faculty in their efforts at open access publishing, and data sharing and archiving in our institutional repository, JScholarship.


  • Working with the Health Advisory Board Committee on Innovation and Commercialization, identifying at least 2-3 opportunities to pursue in 2019-2020
  • Developing improved methods for tracking the success of the JHU Technology Development Accelerator Fund Seed Grant Program
  • Establishing effective business models to facilitate strategic faculty consultancies, including licensing of our education materials
  • Exploring opportunities to develop metrics for technology transfer for social returns


  • Established regular office hours for Health Advisory Board member Caroline Popper to meet with faculty to explore opportunities for commercialization
  • Delivered seminars on the role of preprints in the scholarly ecosystem, predatory publishing, and data sharing. These seminars are available to review at: