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The Power of Science

Invest in highly integrated basic and responsive research initiatives

Implementation Progress

Invest in Highly Integrated Basic and Responsive (HIBAR) research initiatives that build on our excellence in basic research, the power of data science and the application of our research to make a measurable impact on new or emerging public health challenges.


To build on our areas of strength, including our excellence in basic research, the power of data science, and the application of our research to make a measured impact on public health challenges, we will invest in a Highly Integrated Basic and Responsive model of research. The SCIBAR program—Support for Creative Integrated Basic and Applied Research—was designed as a call for team-driven ideas and School-wide initiatives that harness the breadth of our School’s capacity to solve public health challenges. At the core of this program is the belief that non-traditional partnerships can produce bold initiatives with practical applications that can benefit the public’s health in the U.S. and throughout the world. In addition to funding research, implementation of SCIBAR will also include the development of critical research and communication skills for faculty across the School and will result in collaborations that extend beyond the program.


  • Planning new seminars for 2019-2020 academic year to include:
    • Team building skills
    • How to make a research pitch
    • Persuasive writing skills
    • Communicating public health ideas (facilitated by the Alan Alda Foundation)
  • Developing mechanism for awarding SCIBAR planning grants and hosting a fall “Post-It” poster session and spring “Pitch-It” presentation event.


  • Appropriation of $2 million from the School and $2 million from the Bloomberg American Health Initiative to fund up to four SCIBAR projects
  • Launched call for SCIBAR proposals
  • Developed website to communicate the goals of the program.
  • Sponsored seminar on incorporation of health equity in research.
  • Established Steering Committee for the SCIBAR initiative.