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The Power of People

Promote wellness & opportunity

Implementation Progress

Promote wellness and opportunity for all faculty, students and staff in an inclusive environment.


For the Bloomberg School to be a place where all people thrive, we aim to promote wellness and opportunity for all faculty, students, and staff in an inclusive environment. We will establish a Committee on Wellness and Quality of Life to nurture a culture of wellness. In addition to promoting physical wellness, the Committee will be tasked with providing opportunities for enhancing social and emotional wellness such as resilience planning, conflict management and resolution, stress management, and work-life balance. We will also work to provide meaningful support to faculty, students, and staff, working to ensure equal opportunity for success with attention paid to maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For faculty, this means focusing on providing mentoring and professional development, and supporting an environment that provides protected time for teaching and innovative, risk-taking scholarship. Staff will be provided with equal access to training and promotion activities, and we will work to develop cross-departmental peer-mentoring groups and enhanced services to support career development. We will place a priority on providing quality access to advising and mentoring for students. We will also work to implement the recommendations of the University Mental Health Task Force.


  • Implementing procedures to guarantee faculty and staff equitable access to parental leave
  • Working to provide standards for healthier foods at catered events at the School
  • Developing action plan to provide effective mentoring and professional development across all faculty ranks
  • Joint faculty and staff committee reviewing staff promotion ladders with goal of streamlining hiring process and providing improved transparency on pathways for advancement
  • Refining the faculty training on student mental health, developed by the MhGN, for dissemination to all departments


  • Established Committee on Wellness and Quality of Life, which is meeting regularly to establish scope of work and plan activities
  • Sponsored Bloombach pop-up concerts
  • Opened Sheldon Hall to provide space for members of JHSPH community to practice musical instruments
  • The Mental Health Graduate Network (MhGN) piloted a faculty training workshop, “Tools for Supporting Student Mental Health,” in collaboration with the John Hopkins Student Assistance Program
  • Working with MhGN, provided venue and support for the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) Connection Support Group