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The Power of Partnerships

Foster collaboration to improve health through global to local learning

Implementation Progress

Foster collaborations to improve health through joint learning and action with local community health leaders and the Bloomberg School’s partners from around the world.


We will achieve this goal by fostering collaborations to improve health through joint learning and action with local community health leaders and our partners from around the world. We will establish travel fellowships which support exchange programs for students, staff, faculty, and community leaders from within and outside the U.S. who partner locally and globally to share experiences and design initiatives to address specific health problems in new ways. In collaboration with the Alliance for a Healthier World and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Equity, we will convene meetings to share lessons learned locally and globally, and create new collaborations to tackle major health and social justice problems in communities in the U.S. and around the world. We will provide seed funding for community leaders inside and outside the U.S. to collaborate with the School and engage marginalized populations in new academic-community collaborations in addressing critical health and social justice problems in their own settings


  • With funding from the Bloomerg American Health Initiative, we are developing a model toolkit aimed at strengthening partnerships between academic institutions and communities in both Kampala, Uganda, and Baltimore


  • Convened in Baltimore a Global to Local Learning and Action workshop with faculty, students, and partners from Uganda, Kenya, India, First Nations, and the U.S. Facilitator employed human-centered design methodology to begin creating a platform for ongoing global to local collaborations.
  • Funded two SPARK seed grants bridging Kenya and White Mountain Apache; and Uganda and Baltimore to explore micro-finance and reproductive health topics