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Spotlight: Aubrey Bowen, MS '20

Aubrey works at Juul Labs as the site lead for health and safety at their North Carolina Regulatory and Analytical Chemistry laboratory.


Aubrey Bown earned her MS in Occupational and Environmental Hygiene through the full-time program in 2020. Her background is primarily in R&D and pharmaceuticals. she works at Juul Labs as the site lead for health and safety at their North Carolina Regulatory and Analytical Chemistry laboratory. She also supports all of their California site’s biological, chemical, and machine/engineering labs. "Traveling to Cali often is pretty cool!" she says.

In this position, she is helping to build the health and safety program for her company from the ground up alongside the EHS director. She wears many hats, including specialist for hazardous waste, safety, occupational health, and industrial hygiene, as well as environmental compliance, as our EHS team and program is still very green.

"It has been a phenomenal, challenging, yet rewarding past 10 months since I started here, working to ensure the best health and safety practices are instilled in the company’s foundation to support the wellbeing of the brilliant minds that work here," says Bowen.

What led you to choose this program? 

At the time I picked this program, it was rated number one in the United States. The program also offered significant scholarships and assistance with finding scholarships, as well as evident genuine care of the student’s success from the faculty. I learned in my undergraduate time that having faculty who care about your success and enjoy what they do makes all the difference in creating a successful learning environment.  

How did you hear about the program?  

A TON of googling and messaging with university faculty. I sent out 20+ emails to different schools across the United States and to respective faculty to learn about programs and ongoing research. I also contacted alumni who all had wonderful things to say about this specific program.  

Would you recommend the program and why?

I would recommend this program. This program, unlike quite a few others that I was looking into, keeps up-to-date with current and arising EHS and IH topics to ensure the classes are relevant for those going into the field. Additionally, most other schools did not seem to have as well-rounded courses offered/required as well as overall hands-on experience, which is why I picked this program at Johns Hopkins.

How have this degree and your experience here shaped and helped build/launch your career?

Turns out, I was right! The variety of courses, as well as hands-on activities and labs that I attended as part of my program, built my foundation to allow me to take on my current position requiring so many hats to be worn. This program also has extensive work/internship connections and alumni who are eager to help students in any way they can. If you are newer in the field, a young professional coming out of graduate school not only with a degree but also with an internship and real-world, hands-on experience is equally as important in securing a job. Though even as a seasoned professional, it is critical that any continued education is relevant to the ever-changing field.